Saya nak first Give away from De'din

and hye all reader who what to get Giveaway?
 Giveaway From De'din hehehe


Orite  Miss Dinaz  tag to me for the GD De'din huhu thanks dinaz cute =) always like to tag me :P

First time i want to join GA hehehe

very simple if you All want to join hehehe

the conditions is to list all present GA that you all will get :

 1st   : Sehelai tshirt anak negeri pilihan anda
2nd  :Top up RM 10
3th   :Top up RM 5

have to tag 3 person [ ok aku main rembat pilih huhu ambik korang ] :

simple right?

apa tunggu lagi jom join haha BI ak tunggang langgang :P

 nak join? klik De'din orite ^_^


::FAIZ FARISH:: said...

wah ada nama saya

DiaUmaiNiNaz said...

Efa ..all the best, so sweet la u, nt kang dinaz tag lg...gud luck.

sahromnasrudin said...

assalamualaikum...thanks for d sharing..

sy folo blog ini

arep_lockermonth said...

gud luck k efa!

Encik Blogger said...

aku kene tag jgk ker?? eh name takde.. huhu